Hosted by HNET.Asia – the registry for the “.mo” ccTLD of Macau – and by the Macau High Technology Industry Chamber, APrIGF 2015 (30 June to 3 July) and CommunicMacau Expo 2015 (3 – 5 July) are held in series during the first week of July to promote the ICT industry in Macau. To facilitate exchanges among the participants, the 2 conferences will collaborate on the program and have joint-sessions on 3 July.

For more information about the annual telecommunications expo CommunicMacau 2015, you may visit

APrIGF Registration Form

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Part I – Personal Particulars

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Part II – Written Declaration (Voluntary)

The joint-sessions on July 3 will be funded by “The Convention and Exhibition Stimulation Program”, which is introduced by Macao SAR Economic Services to support the expenses of important international meetings. Under this program, event participants are asked to assist by providing specific information prior to and during the event, in order for the organizer to receive the financial support which is available from the government to cover the meeting expenses.

While it is not compulsory to submit the declaration and other documents for registration at APrIGF 2015, your cooperation in this regard will make it possible for the host to properly cover their expenses, and to organize a smooth and successful conference. Your assistance is highly appreciated.

For those able to provide the following details in full, the host will be able to provide COMPLIMENTARY breakfast coupons at the conference hotel for the entire stay, and FULL fare of one-way standard class ferry/coach ticket to Macau in cash.

  1. When registering for APrIGF 2015, participants are asked to provide:
    1. A softcopy of passport
    2. A softcopy of Name Card/Business card

  2. When arriving in Macao, participants will be asked to provide:
    1. A hard or softcopy of electronic flight ticket
    2. Original airline boarding pass and/or ferry/coach tickets
    3. A true copy of Name Card/Business Card

Note: Any personal data collected will solely be used for the funding application purpose to the Macao Government in regard to the aforementioned Program, and not for any other purpose.

For any enquiries, please contact the secretariat at

14. Do you agree to assist "The Convention and Exhibition Stimulation Program" funding application process by providing specific information prior to and during the event, in order for the organizer to receive the financial support which is available?

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